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Montag, August 29, 2005

dear spammers...

it's been quite a few days that i wasted a blog post on you and still you don't quite seem to be reading my blog at all. funny, isn't it, as you keep up telling me that you find my blog very interesting and nice.

since i am a man of good hope, never giving up to hope you spammers could one day understand what i'm saying, i shall now tell you once more.

shut the fuck up and for christs sake stop bothering me with stuff i don't care about !

since most of my posts are written in german i can't avoid to feel a little amused when you blokes keep telling me, in english, that it's very interesting. please, dudes, go back home, grab some brain, think of something suspenseful and then come back and talk to me. copy and paste can be a fine thing, indeed, but it gets boring rather fastto read something we germans sometimes call "die selbe scheiße in grün" which could be translated as same shit in green again and again and again....

by the way, what do you get out of it ? i don't quite get it, i must admit. these posts are deleted as soon as i get knowledge of them. a procedure that takes place dozens of times a day. so what's it good for ? do you get some kind of strange orgasms out of it posting spam in every blog you can get a grip on ? come on, go grab some brain and please grab a life as well.

it's simply boring.

und da es ja bekanntlich auch deutsche spammer gibt, schonmal rein prophylaktisch :

liebe spammer,

bitte verschont mich mit euren nichtssagenden, tausendmal kopiert und eingefügten standardposts, die jeder zweitklässler mit dyslexie auf anhieb erkennen würde. ich interessiere mich nicht im geringsten dafür und eure posts haben eine halbwertszeit von weniger als 6 stunden. spart euch und mir den aufwand und holt euch ein leben.

Nachtrag :

alle achtung, idioten reagieren schnell. wenige minuten, nachdem dieser post hier eingetragen wurde, war schon der erste spam drin.

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4:39 PM

dear anonymous,

fuck off, grab some brain and..did i already say....

get the hell outta here, sucker !

Nachtrag die Zweite !

es is ja unglaublich, noch bevor ich den ersten nachtrag fertig hatte, gleich der zweite idiot...