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Mittwoch, August 24, 2005

was doch für manche leute interessant ist....

das kennt vermutlich jeder blogger, bei mir fing es gestern an.

wildfremde leute, die dein blog garantiert nicht lesen können, wenn sie ihre comments zu deutschen beiträgen auf englisch schreiben, fangen an, wahllos comments zu deinen beiträgen zu schreiben.

mit der zeit nervt dieser spam gewaltig, deswegen jetzt mal an alle spammer da draußen :

dear spammers,

you don't know me and I don't know you. there's no need to pretend it was like that. I'm pretty much satisfied when you enjoy my blog though I am pretty sure that you do not even understand a single word of it since all posts are written in german. nevertheless this is just one single factor why I enjoy reading how nice and interesting you found them even more. it always is a pleasure to be of service.

ok folks, enough for the gay jokes. since you, yes YOU, write your comments solely in english I postulate that you do not even understand a single word of what i post here. so please, shut the fuck up and stop annoying me with spam.